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Welcome to the Home of JubiCat's 2nd game, DisFabled!  

How often do you see the handicapped in a video game?

We've decided not only to include them but to make them the stars of our RPG!

  • A dark cave without lights?  Let the blind navigate.
  • A hypnotic sound wave tower?  Let the deaf take it down.
  • Blind guy strong but can't aim?  Let a teammate guide his shots through a combo attack similar to that in Chrono Trigger.

In the land of Kitalonia, the disabled are ready to show that Nothing is Impawsible.


A paraplegic cat's grandmother is kidnapped, and his disability check is the ransom demand.  But the check never arrives in the mail...

So he embarks on a treasure hunt with other disabled denizens to rescue his grandmother and uncover a mystery that threatens the entire nation of Kitalonia.



Dopaws the Cat:  a  cat born paraplegic.  He wants to join the Kitalonian Army but is ineligible.  His grandmother, Grand-meow, encourages him to believe that "Nothing is impawsible."  When she is kidnapped, he must trek dangerous quests to secure the ransom, and his beliefs are put to the test.  

  • Strengths:  
    • Since he only uses his arms to move, he has high upper-body strength and a strong claw attack.  
    • He can also build charging velocity with his wheelchair.  When equipped with a helmet, he can ram into a line of enemies. 
    • Dopaws is most effective that attacking quick ground enemies and plowing through crowds.

Dopaws Sprites

Biddy the Bat

Biddy the Bat:  a blind, streetwise citizen of Kitalonia.  When Biddy hears of Dopaws' plight, he offers to help him hunt treasure for the ransom in exchange for treating him to the finest fruitarian restaurant. 

  • Strengths:
    • Using echolocation to navigate, Biddy is essential to clearing the first dungeon, which is deep and dark (electronics and torches don't work for some reason).
    • Biddy's sound waves are an excellent AoE debuff which can be magnified with a megaphone or a musical instrument (e.g. whistle).  
    • Biddy effectively acts best as a spellcaster for the group.

Biddy Sprites


Leafy the Dog:  a deaf, resourceful citizen of Kitalonia.  In case you were wondering, his breed is retriever; his name refers to his leafy ears.  Dopaws can rescue Leafy in the deepest level of the first dungeon (the pungent smells disrupt his sense of smell).  He has a special smartphone with unusually long battery life and access to Pawprints (Kitalonia's #1 social media app) to identify people and communicate by text messaging.  But why was he blindly exploring that dark dungeon in the first place?

  • Strengths:
    • Leafy has the highest standard attack damage through his hard bite.  He can equip fangs or dentures to enhance.
    • Leafy can dig for a random item which can be stored in your inventory.  Some items dug in battle could be weapons to use immediately (e.g. poison mushroom).  
    • After story points, Leafy obtains a powerful, less random ability of Summoning another canine to battle.
    • Leafy effectively acts as a grunt, geomancer (c/p Final Fantasy III), and later a Summoner.

Leafy Sprites

Other Key Characters
Dogman Avatar
Commander Dogman:  Defender of the JubiCat Universe (and in-house Let's Player).  Along with Meowch and Melas, he is part of the Mascot Trinity.  Contrary to popular belief, his name is not a hybrid of "dog" and "man," but a derivative of "dogma" (belief), namely his dogma that he can kick anyone's butt!  His house is shaped like a boot.  What roles will he play in DisFabled?

Dogman Sprite

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